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    94 xp have a few questions

    ok I picked up a 94 xp with the 651 last year, it rode pretty good, well now I have a few questions..
    1st my local marina is quitting seadoo and I don't think he's going to carry seadoo oil anymore, so what now???
    my only choices are walmart or the local parts stores so what oil should I be looking for??
    the ski has only had synthetic used in it and considering it's age I'm thinking I should stick with the synth.what do you think??
    I could possibly go with mail order etc...but I would also like a "fallback" oil just incase I run out.
    I also have a 97 gtx so if possible I would like an oil I can use in both for convience.
    btw both skis have 150 psi on all cyllinders not too bad considering the 94 is 13 and has never been worked on! I'm guessing due to the use of synthetic and not a lot of use over the years

    I have a pdf copy of the seadoo manual but what should I be looking for as far as the usual things that go wrong with both skis?
    I know for a fact that a lot of the same things can go wrong with one particular type of ski,just like my chevy truck there are a lot of things that have been fixed on it that a lot of friends have had go bad on their trucks....
    what parts/years are interchangeable with the 94xp?
    like ride plates etc.. I know the motor parts really have to be for the 651 I'm mostly looking into the ride plate and intake grate and possibly an impeller..bolt on stuff..

    I know a lot of questions but what the hey I'm a noob here and isn't it expected of

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    I would recomend Amsoil Interceptor for your oil question. I have found it in motorcycle and four wheeler shops and dealers, if not there is a board member here who can hook you up.

    As far as interchangeable parts for your 94 xp.... I cant help you with that. As for maintenance, change your pump oil every season, along with new plugs, I clean my rave valve during the off season also. Battery maintenance will always save you headaches, make sure it is always fully charged, especially on your 97, they can be quite tempermental if not fully charged.
    Carbs should be cleaned, filters etc.. Check your wear ring and impeller for wear, replace if needed, easy job on your ski's. Im sure Ive left a thing or two out, but hope this helps, and Welcome to the boards also BTW....BigT

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    thanks Big T

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    welcome to the forum

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    Quite a few people are using the AMSOIL Synthetic Interceptor Oil. Here is some information on the AMSOIL Interceptor Oil

    Prices listed are Retail. For Preferred Customer Pricing PM, EM or Call me. Save up to 35% off with the preferred customer program.

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