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    Cool through hull exhaust

    G'day guys ,
    skip here from australia and a newbie to this forum and seadoo rxps . I have recently bought a stock 04 rxp and intend to race it in my club races . I just ordered umi steering , sponsons to improve the handling and from I have read in the threads on this site I better get those pro opas block offs .
    Firstly I have to check with my club to ensure I can race my boat with the mods I want to do ( mainly through hull exhaust , due to noise level ) does anyone have a db reading of the riva through hull exhaust with stage 2 sc impeller ,ic ?
    IT would help me out to no end if I had the imfo. to take to the club meeting . We are having problems with local authorities getting permits near residential areas making it diffcult to organise races .
    thanks in advance skip

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    most music or stereo stores will have DB meters under $100 US dollars..
    I think even radio shack if you got one there carrys them...

    hope this help.

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    thanks for diy your suggestion rapidacceleration but the problem is i dont have a through exhaust yet . I am trying to find out if it would pass local authorities maximum levels before I commit to purchase a kit .

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    Hi Skip,

    Im from Perth is Western Australia and we all run Rear Exhausts from Riva or Piranha and we have never heard of Anyone in Australia with a problem due to noise.

    My Ski is is basicly straight out the rear.

    Feel free to give me a call and ill be happy to help you out with any questions.

    0407 414439

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    skip.... the through hull is not that loud.... almost like a flowmaster on a car

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    Thaanks for your help guys . After your input and a chat to some of my senior club members I am confident I am not going to run into any probs .
    thanks for your input you guys have helped alot ,

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