OK so I bought a 1993 Yamaha Waverunner 650 LX with a blown motor. I found a used one for a good deal and I got it today. It was from a Waverunner III and there are some things that are a little different, the motor I had i the LX was a J650A and this is a J650C, both 6M6 but different. Anyway the LX uses premix and the WR III is injected, so I have removed to oil pump and changed out the flywheel and stator (the old ones were in better shape), and I am using the other cover plate without the shaft for the pump. Thats done, now I notice the head is different, the one I had use a 2 piece head and this is all one piece plus an outlet (vaccum??) the exhaust supports line up and it looks like it should work. I changed out the intake manifold and carb, I dont know if I should use the old reeds or if it even matters. I dont know what else I have to do to make it all work right, any help at all would be awesome. Oh yeah is the CDI the same ??? Is this motor more powerful, bigger displacement?? Will the exhaust from the LX work?? Carb issues, I think they both use a BN44 though??? So many ??? Thanks.