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    Forum member Englebert (Curtis) has a 2018 Rxpx. He put a scom on it when he bought the ski and it worked for a awhile, then it stopped working. I told him to buy a Riva tuning license, I have the maptunerX and we will flash the ski. He got the license, we did everything by the instructions, his ski (vin #) shows up on the tuner, we loaded some tunes and went to flash the ski. We tried to flash it and it would not take a tune. We put the Riva instructional video on while we flashed the ski and did everything step by step as on the video. We tried the bone stock 300 8500 tune, it did nothing. We tried a stage 2 300 + IMUK 8500 tune, it did nothing. I flashed my ski last year. It worked perfect.
    What gives? Why will this ski not take a flash?

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    Anyone having an error code while connecting to their ski? I emailed Jesus, he quickly contacted me back asking to re sync to computer. I did so and re connected to my ski. Still not communicating with the ski. It does this more than not. Its after hours so I figured someone else knew of a fix to this error code. Thanks in advance

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    Great shit! At map Tuning! They're not only good at tuning your ski, but they have the best customer service I've ever seen!!!!!......

    If you have a problem, they solve it......Top notch service. If you have trouble getting it solved the first time, call back...... they WILL solve it!....... once you buy a tune, don't be scared to ask them for a tune that is specific for the mods that you have on your ski! And if you still have a problem, ...... let them know! Riva will NOT let you leave unhappy!!!! The tune your bike until your ski can't go faster........and beyond that........ you will blow your motor up, and still not be mad at RIVA!!!!!!!!

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    I'm just a costumer.......

    run your shit hard......

    Thanks to y'all at RIVA!!!!

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    hey, i just bought a 2019 rxpx. I previously had a 2016 rxpx tuned with the maptuner X. When i sold my 2016 i returned it to stock, now im looking to get a tuning license for my 2019 machine. Is my tuner ready for my new machine? or what do i have to do? also i read somewhere that the cable is different on the new machine, is this true? thank for the help

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    Im trying to tune my 2019 RXTX 300 keep getting an error code:22

    Anybody know whats up?

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