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    1998 KAWASAKI 750 stx (pic)

    Any input on this model would be appreciated! I have a Polaris sl for myself but riding 2 on it is a bummer so the wife is looking for a nice stable 3 seater! is this a decent model? any ballpark guesses as to value? Thanks Z

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    Try craigslist to find others for value comparison... nada of kbb .com do used vales of ski (dont remember which one??)

    as far as the ski, I would say for the price you will be happy for an older ski its somewhat modern looking and they go pretty good. What price range are you in? You may want to look for an older xlt 800 or 1200 but the kawaskai hulls have always been great!
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    Thanks! I shopped it and looks like 2200-3000 with trailer is fair! I noticed the larger engine options but some of the color schemes leave allot to be desired! I keep reading that these are stable hulls? Thanks for the input! Z

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