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    to achieve CORRECT tension in needs a shorted belt

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    I maybe out of spec as far as tension goes but it would be out of spec by maybe a bit much.. either way she performed flawlessly last weekend. This weekend I will be performing some serious tuning , I will be following up with my results . Cheers fellas!!

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    wow you definitely have more mods than anybody I have seen on the forum before ! I am very impressed by your use of the Y pipe for an air mod!

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    Good afternoon guys. I was able to get onto the water Sunday for a little test and tune. Big Kudos to Wayne @ ImpactSports to get my the a/f plate as quick as he did... very very clever design considering the way our exhaust systems are engineered.

    To recap what I will be riding/tuning this weekend :
    *"18# super charger pulley
    *90mm tensioner wheel
    *RD reflash ecu 100oct tune
    *BOV blockoff plate- Adj bov on stand by in the event it makes "too" much boost
    *New sparkplugs
    *Remove second water box
    *Gut the main water box
    *Cleaned intercooler
    *Riva ride plate
    *RD intake grate
    *1 degree wedge
    *340lph fuel pump
    *Fuel pressure at 65#
    *Power Commander
    *Air mods (a real good one too lol)
    *Skat Twin prop 16/19 drive and inducer ---may end having to repitch it once the motor is dialed in
    *valve cover modded for second catch can to assist in removing any crank case pressure caused my more boost and rpm
    *93/e85 blend 25%- 1 can Torco
    *Fresh Motul 300v
    ** no meth until the a/f is dialed in**

    So this is the story this weekend. I get out on the water and the a/f gauge is working just fine . I see the a/f at idle is around 12.20ish...far rich ,most throttle inputs sub 40% were around this number. So I started removing fuel until I got my idle and light part throttle input to 14.7-13.8. This took me all of 3 minutes and my a/f gauge stopped working. I didn't get to tear it down yet to find out the culprit but I'm guessing its on me during the install..I'll tear into it Wednesday night and post my findings. If installed properly the plate will work as intended but I have to figure it our first. By looking at my fuel map up to 40% and having my last outings fuel map on hand ,it was clear as day with my additional fuel pressure I'm around 15% too rich. I'm assuming it was flashed to be run at stock fp (55#) as I'm at 65#. With the sensor not working I decided to reduce the remaining portion of the fuel map -13%-15% until 80%-100%. The latter fields I reduced it -7%up to 7750 and -5% 8000-9000rpm to play it safe until I get the a/f gauge working properly. To add insult in injury my mechanical boost gauge stopped working !! Its 3 weeks old..salt water must have blessed it smh... so I have no idea what boost it pulls but this is my findings. Does anyone have a way to water proof these things? I silicone the rim around the face but...that wasn't too effective lol.

    This is what I got fellas.. no great data just yet , trust me I know I'm dying to get this thing dialed in. I wish I had more than one day a week to work on it and tune but it is what it is .

    *45 hrs on ski
    *90 degrees / 82 degrees water temp /60% humidity
    *Full tank of fuel
    *Rider 195
    -idle to wot its quick. I leave my socom only boat for dead ...3+ boats to 45mph and pulling
    -25mph -55mph - fast much faster ( love this prop!!!)
    -Max Rpm I turned consistently was 8250-8270(no gps on hand), but it gets there soooo quick. It takes hundreds of feet less to get to top speed now not to mention its still pig rich as I ate through a tank far quicker than the other ski that was being ridden by friends and to be honest they ham fist it far more than I'm currently due to not being 100% about the state of tune.
    ** ugh handling is crap without sponsons with the Riva Plate- much needed**

    Next outing will be this upcoming weekend and I'll have a new boost gauge, hopefully the a/f plate will be taken care of on Wednesday. I'm having fun with the project but I'm a bit inpatient since I have had a few issues slowing my progress but hey that's tuning for you. Ill report what I find Wednesday and if I can get on the water sooner I will report my findings

    following week additions : adj fpr, sponsons (maybe), meth if the a/f plate issue is resolved , shorter sc belt

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    I assure you many have far more than I do , you must have a fair amount yourself since your name is N02fed310r. The Y pipe is bar far the ghettoest mod I have done but its effective.

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    Rpms are dead on especially with the twin prop and all the other goodies wish you knew top speed ,why don't you get the CanDoo speed module no more Garmin unless want to see moving average (IMPORTANT) and some of the more sophisticated features like maps etc. You'll get GPS right on the dashboard..

    btw a 1* wedge and having a Riva plate might make handling a bit rougher too much hull out of the water ,might want to remove wedge at least I did and ski felt better less bounce....JMHO
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    @ Dave : those things accurate? If I don't pick one up I'll be sure to have my gps on hand. You know I knew the wedge would be a bit much with the Riva plate , I'm hoping with sponsons I'll be happy with the handling if not the wedge will be a "paperweight".

    Good to know I'm within range in rpm, I' dying to get numbers with a machine that's dialed in. Heck who knows my boost levels or if my belt was slipping.. So I have a shorter belt coming (thanks Antonuk) that I will be installing when I redo the A/F plate mid week. If I can talk my gf into playing mechanic with me this week I'll knock out the meth kit as well this way I can knock out the tune entirely....or until I create a fuel map for e85.

    Once I get it running properly I will focus on the oil cooling mods and topend work( cams,springs, retainers etc..). Once phase one is complete I think Ill be able to beat on it without worrying about much, unless a piston gives but I have been loading her w octane to suppress any detonation, not to mention I run 1 % more fuel in cylinder 1 and 4

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    Even though your y pipe was ghetto , it was veery effective! You had to use your imagination to come up with that mod!

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    Sorry no update fellas,

    I was in the hospital from Sunday to Thursday this past week with kidney stones. I'll get everything buttoned up this week and report back asap. Ohhhhhh I found a water proof boost gauge

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    Last night I redid the o2 sensor plate and found gasket maker in a lot of the cooling ports but no water contaminating the may be because it has been about a week since the ski was running ... either way I redid it with the recommended gasket sealer (1211) and used two gaskets as directed (I used one last time as that's all the dealer had and I was impatient to wait since I wanted to get it tuned). I have a water proof boost gauge coming in tomorrow to monitor boost but I may have to swap out blower belts as mine has a whicker too much play .
    All I need to do is unbolt the motor, unbolt the coupler gizmo, take a 2x4 and force the motor back enough to swap belts?? I've never done it but looks fairly easy. I may wait for my new pulley to come in from Antonuk to do it. When it comes in I will be selling my RD 18# pulley btw. Still need sponsons so if anyone has a set they want to part with drop me a line. As you can tell I'm eager to get back on the water and get her dialed in with her current state of parts. I have a really really good feeling about the meth kit btw ...we shall see

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