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Thread: stg. II kit

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    stg. II kit

    i was wondering how difficult it would be to install the stg II kit bymyself and if it would be a good idea, if not how long does it normally take a mechanic at a seadoo dealership to install it. and what are the true performance gains, and what does the rxp sound like after it has been installed. and the last question does anyone have any pics of their skis engine with this kit installed. thank you for the feed back

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    It's completely doable at home, as long as you're somewhat familiar/handy. Go to the "how to" section on this forum. There are directions for pretty much everything.

    A stg II ski sounds great with the thru-hull exhaust. Average Stg II boats are running 74-76 mph with much, much better acceleration. A "non-performance oriented" dealer would want way too much $ for the install and would probably screw it up anyway!


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    STAGE 2

    I think riva says 14 hours on the stage two install

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