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Thread: Carl is.....

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    Carl is.....

    ....the freaking man. His service really is second to none.

    In the past month or so I have ordered parts on 3 different occasions. Advent, then intake grate, then 05 pump setup. Each time it only took 2 days to get the parts. The advent took 4 days but it was dropped shipped from California. On top of that the man spends however long it takes on the phone to answer your questions.

    I know Carls level of service is common knowledge to alot of people. But for those that don't know of Carl, his service is borderline obsessive compulsive . He just flat out gets it done!

    I think only one mod on my ski hasn't come from Island Racing, and I've spend about 3.5k on the thing.

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    I had a great experience with CArl a few years ago as well when I was prop hunting, and like you he also spent some time with me on the phone and explained to me the fundamentals of props and pitching etc...needless to say my Nujet with mods was on it's way shortly thereafter and is sitting pretty in my GPR as we speak...

    Carl make a note I'm going to be harrassing you here soon for some Waveeater clips and couplers...LMAO...Dplate if I feel froggy as well...

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    Thanks Guys!!! I try to do the best on getting the parts right out. If the parts are in stock they'll usually go out right away. If they have to be ordered, I have to play the waiting game to get the parts from the distributors, then they'll go out right away. But the customer is usually made aware of the status.

    Thanks again!!!

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    carl made me new brackets to hold my ride plate, wow that was fast!!!!!!
    they were so pretty i almost did not want to put them on the ski.

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    Carl rules! Always helpful. Always fast with shipping.

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    I just ordered the WaveEater couplers, oil injection block off, and index washers -- Carl had them to me in 2 days. Granted I'm on the east coast and not far (VA), it was shipped the same day. He may be hard to get ahold of, but what busy guy isn't... and he's busy because he's da man thanks!

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    Carl always got my orders right, unlike Riva that could screw up a 1 car funeral procession.

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