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    Aqua fox....still looking for a seat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thopper View Post
    Aqua fox....still looking for a seat?

    Do the 2017's FX's have interchangeable seats too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AquaFox View Post
    Anyone know if any non cruiser style seats are a direct swap with the cruiser style? I just bought an FX SVHO Cruiser and I want to change the seat. Ideally I would like to trade seats with someone that has an FX without the "stadium" style seat but I am not 100% they are interchangeable. My other option is to get an aftermarket cover for the FX and make it fit. I'm hesitant to cut up a seat with 2 hours on it but the humps have got to go. I know the first question anyone will have is why didn't I just get an FX to begin with, but I wanted a black ski and the 2016 FXs come in blue and green.
    My 16 FX is black.

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