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    Stuck With A Virage

    My 2004 Polaris Virage 1 Runs For About 10 Minutes Then It Just Stops. It Acts Like An Electrical Issue. It Wouldnt Do Anything When I Push The Start Stop Button. I Replaced The Battery Twice It Just Started Happening Any Ideas ????? The Next Day Id Does It Again.

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    What do you have for compression?
    What is your charging voltage to the battery?

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    What kind of spark plugs are in there.

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    When it stops does it stop instantly or splutter, lose power and stop ?What is on Your MFD ?Does it crank over and not fire up or just dead ,nothing when you push the start ?.Try this .Need to get coin or a heavy wire and bridge the Start solenoid .Follow the red wire from the battery to where it meets the solenoid .Should be brown but could still be black .Heavy Wires (red)go to and come from it .Bridge between these this will engage starter, I use a coin .If it cranks make sure you have your lanyard in .Let us know what happens


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