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    Lets see if anyone is smart enough to solve this rare problem

    So the problem im having is i purchased a 2005 Seadoo sportster with a blown up motor and i plan on putting the 2015 rxp-260 motor into the boat previously the boat did have a 4 stroke motor and i have managed to solve all the problems of swapping the motor except one that i am having alot of trouble solving which is the throttle.....
    The boat is set up to run a cable throttle but the motor is set up with a "fly by wire" throttle body if i put the old throttle body off the blown motor on there it will fit but will this cause problems with the ecu?! (I havent tested this) but im assuming it will cause the ECU to freak out and throw a code and possibly convert to safe-mode

    What options do i have here I have the throttle off of the rxp the motor came out of and was even looking to possible make something that allowed the throttle (cable) to articulate the rxp lever throttle (fly by wire) but the stroke of the throttle on the boat is much larger than the stroke of the lever throttle on the bars of the rxp

    If anyone has some bright idea that will work or knows of a company that sells "Fly by wire" throttles that will fit on my boat PLEASE let me know i will be forever greatful

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    Of course if the ECU is looking for an electronic TB and it is not present, it will cause fault. If I had to guess, new Sea Doo boats use iControl throttle sensors as well. Seems like an overwhelming task. Why not just use the 2015 shortblock and everything else from the original motor, including the cable driven TB?

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    The 2015 motor is fine that is what im using for the boat however the boat had a 155hp rotax before and the problem im trying to address is if i transplant this 260hp motor from a 2015 into a 2005 boat how do i address the throttle issue because the 2015 motor has the electronic thorttle where as the boat is set up for they make a electronic single throttle set up that i can use from seadoo i will call today and see if they have something in stock however i have looked online and cant find anything

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    This is way more work than you want to take on. The 260 HP engine uses the iControl 500K databus and a fuseblock/main relay power system, your 2005 uses the 250K databus, as well as an MPEM used for power management. Nothing will work. You would have to transplant the complete electrical system from the RXP over to your boat. (including the instrument cluster...)

    Your best bet is to to strip off everything off the long block and just use it as a 155 HP engine, with all your original parts, including the PTO cover. Then you also need to reclock your magneto cup.

    Still a bunch of work, but doable, unlike the path you are going down.

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    first what ECU are you using? Probably the easiest is a 06 215hp ECU. You will probably need to use a 2006 215hp engine harness. The throttle body is no problem just get a 2004-2009 215hp body from any ski. The wheel is made for both strokes.

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