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Thread: vx110 upgrades

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    vx110 upgrades

    What can I guy do, and what kind of gains have been seen??

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    Unfortunately the VX falls into the catagory of there not being that many aftermarket parts available. Other than the basic, Intake Grate, Pump Seal Kit, Impeller, and Air Intake, we do offer a RIDEPLATE MODS for the stock rideplate.
    Also we were working on a 5 degree nozzle conversion for the VX ( deluxe would lose the reverse )

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    what kind of gains can someone expect from the seal kit and impeller change?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dt3257 View Post
    what kind of gains can someone expect from the seal kit and impeller change?
    I'd like to know as well. also who carries these mods?

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    Man these are some older post, now days you can make that vx110 into a fuel sipping thrill ride, mine are extra quick and on top end no slouch. My wife and I are Marines, I bought a couple like new 2006 vx110 only 30 hours on them. I first road the skis and was really impressed by the fuel economy. The ski handled great and It is so supper light and nimble, the vx 110 hull is pretty much the same shape as fz models but the vx 110 are lighter than your typical fzr, fxsho, and all other skis, so just put a cold air intake, ride plate, a good 18-22 impeller, and a good after market intake grate, free flow exhaust , after doing all these changes to our vx110, we are able to run as fast as the more powerful luxury skis of all the major brands, supercharged are not. Plus they are at the pumps every Hour for a fill up and we will ride all day on a tank of fuel, so if you want a great ski that will do anything you ask with a grin and sips at fuel the modded Yamaha vx110 is the ultimate summer fun. Thanks

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