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    C180 Side Decal replacement

    Hello all,

    I have some pretty bad looking decals on the side of my 05 C180. They were scratched and knicked up by the previous owner. There doesn't appear to be any deep damage so all I need to really do is replace the two decals.

    Has anyone ever done this before? Any tips or install instructions? Seadoo wants somewhere around $350 for the decals so I am hoping to install myself.


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    You could just peel off the old ones and go naked

    It looks clean naked and the decals do not hold up very well even if you manage to put the new ones on without a big wrinkle. Mine started to show scuffs and gouges from the boat cover and other normal wear issues within a few months, so I peeled them all off. No regrets.

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    got a pic?


    Do you have a pic of your "naked" doo? How did you remove the decals?


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    I just peeled them from the corner

    They don't have good adhesive and they peeled of easier than I imagined. I used a plastic scraper to lift the corners and peeled back slowly. Most came off in 3 or 4 big chunks.

    I also removed most of the other stickers / placards on the boat except the one with the max weight / max passesnger label as this is required.

    If you want to experiment, do it on a small one first.

    Sorry no pics, serious boating for me starts this weekend in NH and the boat is in a very tight shelter right now.

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    I replaced a sticker on my boat a few years back. The best way to put it on for me was. I bought a product called sticker on.Sprayed it on the sticker and boat.and applyed the sticker on the boat. The sticker on product lets you move the sticker in to position. Basicly it let you slide it around.Once you get it right. Dab it dry with a cloth.And let it dry. I works great.As for the stickers expect to pay out some cash. Their not cheap. Riva has them in stock.

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