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    Quote Originally Posted by Mpeavler View Post
    Yep same on both mind too 26 gallons
    Mine with a scom in the winter was 25 at 8040. But hey we are getting 5mph.

    i was running 42ish at 7ga/hr. Eco was 5ga/hr. Tuesday. Seems like a remember my 260s running 6ga/hr at 42ish in Eco. Without the scom I was at 22ga/hr. It's the big strong mid range that crushes the fuel consumption.

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    Riding pretty much side by side my 300 will burn at least 2 more bars than my friends 260. The 300 is a pig on gas but fun as hell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mirxtx View Post
    I don't have a 260 to compare to, but my 300 is thirsty. Really hard riding I'm lucky to get 2.5 hours out of a tank. Like others have said, another 3-4 gallons of capacity would be great.
    2,5 hours out of one tank when riding hard?? Ive heard of several people that burns one up in 30 min

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    That's very true. I have the scom and some other toys on it, but no tune...yet.

    Just yesterday I cleared a tank in 35 minutes scaring the hell out of some poor girl that wanted to ride. It was her first time on a ski. Its like somebody going from a horse and buggy to the Apollo rocket.

    I thought my 255 was thirsty, this thing is a full blown lush.

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