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    Fuel Tank Pickup Tubes '93 SL750

    Good morning! I have some questions about what I found in my fuel tank when I removed it for my engine R & R.........I found three 1/4" strainers that had rotted off of dip tubes over the years. The current tubes(main and reserve) look to be made of rubber and were clear when they were new and are minus any strainers. They are now yellow and look to be deteriorating from being submerged in the gas. I am going to replace these tubes and wanted to know what material of construction I should look for and if I should just go with an in-line filter or go back with the strainers. If I should use the strainers, where can I purchase these? Should the tubes be weighted on the end to keep them oriented straight down? What about an outboard primer bulb in the line to my pump.....would this help me with starting after periods of inactivity? Any help you can throw this way would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    The tubes are usually rigid, and run straight into the tank with the strainers at the end.
    Some use the new flexible line with clunks on the reserve line, it helps keep fuel/oil mixed (if using pre-mix) and of course gets the fuel wherever it sits in the tank.

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