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    VTS = winner winner chicken dinner

    well, yesterday was a cracker of an Australia Day public holiday so we headed to our block up the river for a day trip.
    as usual, we had the boat and the Spark there. We installed the VTS last weekend but haven't had an opportunity to try it out until yesterday.

    I can say it was definitely money well spent. We had a blast trying it out at different settings, the launch you get from the full up position is awesome! Add in the wake from a few wake boats and you really fly out the water. Heaps of fun.

    turning was a very different experience from full up to full down. Full down it digs in harder, turns harder, and man does it give your arms & legs a workout!
    I also found turning with full up position was just as much fun, cause it slides like crazy - it pretty much drifts! there weren't many people on the water yesterday so we were free to ride around like morons lol. we had heaps of fun alternating between trying to power slide as much as possible, and turning as hard as we could.

    we also decided to give towing a go for the first time. For reasons I can't explain, I was nominated to be the observer. And I just want to mention how completely unsettling sitting backwards when you're going over wake from other boats is!! I really felt like I was going to be thrown off lol.

    we don't have a tow pro or anything, just used the tie point off the back & put the rope for the kneeboard on the shortest setting. The VTS came in handy for this too - as you can imagine with 2 people on the ski it tried to launch up, so we trimmed it all the way down to get a smoother take off. It actually towed really well for a small ski, my brother weighs close to 100kg (he's tall) and my boyfriend and I combined would be just over 150kg and it was pretty decent. only thing was the back end did move around a fair bit so Tony had to compensate for that while driving. ours is only a 2up, I imagine it might not move around as much with a 3up. But it was handy to know that if we go away for a quick day trip and my dad can't bring the boat we can still get out in the water and have some fun.

    all in all a great day on the river, and I can say that despite the VTS being a lot worse to install than I thought it would be, it was definitely worth the investment.

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    Great to hear you are loving the VTS. I completely agree with you on all your points and it is the main reason to get iBR in my opinion. I had mine fitted from the dealer too at the point of purchase so it is covered by the 3 year warranty which is really handy.

    Powersliding is so much fun you can actually make the ski go sideways if you lean the right way and it is so easy to do 180's. With it trimmed right down it hugs every corner so much fun too.

    We tow with our 3UP and it goes really well, as mentioned if the skier really digs in then the back end of the ski pulls a little but it isn't too bad.

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