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    How reliable are the RXP tach's?

    Are the tach's on the RXP's as reliable as the speedo And has anyone added an after market tach?


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    They are extremely accurate

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    I asked the same question and Jerry told me they were nut on. If not I would want an aftermarket tach first thing. I watch the rpm more than anything including gps.

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    I have yet to use a gps, but I've seen 70 come up on the display. I just got a stage I installed with Riva Washers and extension rod, it was hitting around 69 on the display. I've heard that the display is very accurate until above 65mph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vidbuster View Post
    . I've heard that the display is very accurate until above 65mph.
    That is a true statement. I was comparing the two, (speedo and gps) while doing 20 miles down a river at various speeds, and it was very close...+/- 1 to 3 MPH.

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    IMO they're kind of hit or miss for the kind of modifications we're doing...The 20rpm increment tachs are better but the 50 rpm increments leave a lot to be desired...

    I ran mine against a pet tach for compare purposes with different AAT shuttles and found that is was anywhere from 20-40 rpms off and never reading the same rpms...

    This may not sound like a lot but if you're trying to dial a prop and off by 40rpms you may be giving up as much a .5mph...IMO

    For the thousands we spend in upgrades the couple hundred for a good tach seems a wise investment if you're really about squeezing every last little ounce out of it...

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