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Thread: Question on sc

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    Question on sc

    My current mods are
    solas 15/20r impeller
    Riva Vortech Supercharger Impeller
    RIVA Rear Air Intake for RXP
    Blow-off Valve Kit
    Riva RXP Intake Grate
    Riva Pump Wedge, 2-degree
    RIVA RXP VTS Extension Rod
    Reverse bucket mod
    xs intercooler
    through hull
    riva pro block off

    I just came back from a water test I had some white smoke coming from my catch can bottle not sure if thats normal. and my numbers were 7900rpm 71.6mph by boost was at 7.5... I then took my seat off and went 72.6
    On my last water test i had 8120 rpm and wen 72.2 and 73.3 with the seat off...
    My question is do these numbers sound right?
    Also if i decide to add a stage 3 sc or a b-kit sc what else would i have to add, what should my numbers look like after i do these upgrades
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    For the Riva s3 sc you will need 50# inj. with the Riva ECU. 42# inj. for the stock ECU and Rotax ECU.

    For the rude charger or the b-kit you'll need a fuel controller with the stock ecu or the rotax ecu + 50# injectors. With a Riva ECU you'll need just 50# inj. and no fuel controller because it adapts to the boost levels.

    For starters you can try tweaking your prop 2mm to get back the 200 rpms you're down. That could accomodate for all of the speed loss right there.
    I'm not sure about the smoke though.

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    Well just finished placing my order onj s3 sc and 42 injectors from jerry. Will keep you guys posted on the speeds i get hopefull get it for this weekend

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