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    another success but I got some questions..

    Jims plate worked awesome and so did the milled head,Old best was 68.9 new best 70.6 in less than Ideal conditions..

    Now my questions..
    1. The ski still tries to turn right all the time and it is slowing me down when I straighten out the bars the ski turns left but picks up speed..Ive checked rideplate straightness,intake grate straightness and the sponsons..
    2. should my sponsons be in the up or donw position..In the up position it porpoises badly until its on plane,with them stepped it rides nice but will only go 69.0
    Thanks for a great product Jim Im very happy..Ski was turning just over 7000 on the stock tach never did that before..
    I think my ski should be running faster like 73 mph for all its got..

    Milled head (jim)
    14/20 DF impeller
    Pump plug kit,checked and its above the hull
    1200 intake
    Jiim FF plate
    riva race filter
    EFI controller
    D plate rand D
    Jet works mod....

    Any Ideas..Thanks for all the Help!!!

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    You want to leave your sponsons stepped. If the ski pulled before the plate and is still pulling after the plate check to see if the intake grate bolts and pump shoe bolts are nice and tight. The front 2 intake bolts should be longer than the 2 rear bolts that bolt on the shoe make sure they are correct, Make sure the intake grate is centered and try it if it still pulls then take the shoe out and make sure that the pump seal kit is sanded down so it does not stick up higher then the shoe. And if it is a early GPR make sure the inserts are not pulling down it's a good idea to install the new style bracket ones. You need to find that pull because most likely drag is causing it and once you find it your speed will go way up, If any questions about anything feel free to call me. Thank you, Jim

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    Thanks for the reply Jim..Its a 2005 boat..It had the pull before..I must say this thing has all kinds of mid range punch with the head and plate..Just seems like something is holding it back...It had the pull before and I measured the intake grate from side to side and it was real close to identical..Ill pull the shoe down and grate and check my plug kit but I was pretty meticulous about sanding it down when I installed it..Ill call you with any questions...

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