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    Maintain hull and body topic?

    How about a general or in depth topic on keeping the awsome appearance of our RXP's in tip top shape ? Exterior washing , waxing , cleaning technics for us newbies ? What chemicals and cleaners are safe for our ski's ? Trailer maintaining and upkeep might also be a key topic. (just an idea)

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    Well first of all it's hard to keep it clean if you ride it a lot or store it on a lift at the lake. But the key is to get the water off it as soon as possible to keep spots from forming.

    Cleaning: Use anything for autos. I would avoid using dishwashing soap. It'll strip all the wax.

    Wax: Marine grade wax, anything works. Just keep it away from the plastic.

    Water Spots: 50/50 solution of water and vinegar in a spray bottle.

    Plastic: make it shine and protect it with armor all. Just don't use it on the seat or mats!

    Trailers: have a spare tire. Also make sure you have something to remove the lug nuts with. You'll thank yourself later. I shoot grease into the hubs about once a month and check the cold tire pressure every trip.

    You should also check the nut under the lever, the thing that keeps the trailer connected to your hitch ball. Make sure when the lever is latched that there is some wiggle room but tight enough that you can not pull it off.

    Don't forget to cross your chains. This will keep your trailer from dragging on the highway incase ti does some how come off the ball.

    Trailer lights SUCK! Get LED replacements. I spent $55 on a set and have never had a problem with them.

    I wash the trailer after I do the ski to avoid getting grit and crap in my wash water and scratching the ski.

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