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Thread: air intake hose

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    air intake hose

    for a homemade ar intake is a 3" diameter hose coming from the SC the correct size i need, and maybe anout 5-6 ft to reach up under the glovebox?

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    if you go bigger than 3", then you will need a combination of reducers to hook it up to the SC. the SC inlet is actually 2 7/8" ... but the 3" hose clamps on there fine and won't come off as long as you clamp it far enough onto the SC so it can't get passed the flared lip on the SC inlet.

    8 feet of hose made it from my SC, all the bends wrapped around the side of the motor, past the gas tank, and into my front RXT storage about 12-16"

    i wouldn't get any less than 6 foot to play it on the safe side to get you to the gas tank region. if ur looking to tap into the hood or do some kinda crazy intake, than maybe get extra to spare urself? 6 minimum... 8 max is my suggestion

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    Your local NAPA store has perfect three inch ID SMOOTH BORE (very important--use smooth bore as cargated stumbles air flow) hose. It comes in six and eight foot lengths. Its expensive (but so was your RXP)
    I used the six foot length attached to the front of the Riva power air intake pipe--puts it right under the small glove box hood. Somewhere on the forun I posted several pictures of my homemade air intake--works great--absoultly no heat fade in 100 degree heat. sticks up about five inches higher the the lid---lid held down with quarter inch bunge cord.
    No hood bounce.

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    So Im guessing you dont do any riding but calm water...You dont worry about getting any water under the lid???

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