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    VX deluxe cover?

    Hey guys, I found a deal on a 05-06 vx deluxe cover for about 119$. But i'm buying a new 07 ski. Will the old version fit on my 07? I searched the forums and google looking for a part # but can't find one right now...any ideas?

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    Ok..i found the part numbers...but can't figure out if they will fit one another?

    06 part #: mwv-pcccx-sl-rd red cover
    07 part #: mwv-cvrvx-gy-bl blue cover

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    Why don't you compare the dimensions of the 2 ski's. Or ask your dealer when you buy the new ski.

    I have to get a new ski for the wife, have you ridden the vx yet ? My son scewed up on her 96 GTI and swamped it, the motor is now locked up, Wife wants a new ski and not a rebuild on the old. My dealer hasn't gotten a demo this year, also, what are you paying for the ski ?

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    I'll ask the dealer when i pick it up but i didn't want to pay the dealer price of 169 when i could get it for less...we'll see.
    Yea i rode the vx deluxe..very smooth ride.. not a lot of bounce and the motor's NICE and quiet. not the speediest ever, but i'm looking for more of an early morning cruiser. very nimble in reverse...

    still debating that or the's trying to talk me into a honda since they're so cheap on the leftovers right now..haven't driven one..don't know what to do!

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