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    Questions about Hurricane

    I can pick up a '96 Hurricane with a nice shoreland'r trailer for $500. It needs some engine work and put back together. My question is, is this a good deal? Are the Polaris machines any more expensive to work on than my Yamahas? Is this engine going to be as reliable as my Yamaha 500's or 701? I'm just trying to decide whether or not to buy it and dump some money into it. I will do all the work myself. Thanks in advance.

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    First I'd like to say WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!

    The 700 twin Domestic engine is a pretty awesome little unit, with the exception of the ignition system. It works killer it just likes stators, although with updating the system they seem pretty flawless.

    The Cane, although hard to ride (for some) is a very cool boat and getting rarer by the day. 500 for the Cane and trailer I wouldn't even hesitate. Take a look in the projects section and you will find cane stuff.

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