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    BOTTOM SURFACE...back to nature?

    How far has anyone tested hull surfaces or plate surfaces at our GPR'S new speeds...? TOMMY JORDAN where are you??? I have been doing some reading on fish and shark anatomy trying to find some new/old insite on water in reguards to releaving surface tension. sharks being speed swimmers have specialized scales called placoid scalles(yeah... look em up yourself..)there is some very interesting reading... they also a muscle structure that is not smooth going opposite the length of their bodys..? I would think theses would act as turbulator's and brake surface tension .. I do know that a plate too smooth is a detriment to speed along with a smooth shiney hull bottom ... if you were to mill a plate at 45 deg. from center ,on both sides of the center, away and back, what would it do ? or how about tilting the mill head a touch and actually forming ribs that would break down tension??? groovey plates and grate run with the flow so these are great for tracking ,just not for speed.... just thoughts on imitateing evolution...
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    One of these days RPM, your head is gonna explode with all of these thoughts.

    Good thing you have a place to let them out

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    I know the WR wont gain from any of this... but considering the speeds the gprs are going, who knows... I rememer a post on the roughness a sea doo has cast into its pump... what if that whole hull bottom was that way, would it gain speed ,with how fast they run now...

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    On Group K's site, they recommend long sanding passes to the bottom of a late 90's GP hull, so you may be on to something.

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    Some swim teams use special suits (IE like the olympic teams) that help their bodies go through water better.

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