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    94 sl 650 syphon

    Hey guys, Well winters over so away with the snowmobiles and out come the pwc's. My first question is I notice there is a syphon setup on these
    boats, what are they supposed to do and how effective are they in removing water in the hull, my next question is I am getting ready to install the triple fuel pumps and wonder if it can be done without removing
    the rails and or the carbs? Thanks for any info!!!

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    punch welcome to the hulk.
    The syphons are only effective with the engine running. I like to add a electric bilge pump. The fuel pump can be added with the carbs attached. But it a good idea to pop them open and inspect. It only six nuts. You can also check your reeds with the carbs off. Its always nice to know what condition the fuel /intake system is in before the first ride.

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    Hi punch, I'd also like to WELCOME you to the Green Hulk Forums.

    The electric bilge is a great idea because when you are dead in the water, especially from impact it would be nice for the bilge to operate.
    I've seen when a cooling line comes off, the engine dies and the boat fills with water, had there been an electric bilge, no problem.
    Anyway, just a thought.

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    Thanks for the replys, I would still like to know does the syphon actually
    remove water from the hull, or is it a system to purge the water from the engine after pulling the ski out of the water and burping it a couple of times . Also, what type of switch do you guys prefer for the bilge pump,
    manual or something with a float or sensor? Thanks again!!

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    It does remove water from the hull quite effectively when operating.
    I go with the auto on bilge just in case I'm forced to leave the boat somewhere and water starts to enter the hull for whatever reason.

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    When my driveshaft seal started leaking the sypon would not pull the water out fast enough. So I added an eletric one. No problems!!!

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