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I'm just commenting on this thread so that I can receive updates. Particularly because of the lack of cooling water flow has started to have its negative side-effects on chronic heating issues inside the engine bay, causing parts to get hot.
RPM for RPM, I would naturally think the coolant flow is the same if not slightly increased with the flyboard, considering it will add more overall pump discharge back pressures, thus increasing the psi on the coolant line supply intake.
HOWEVER, and that’s a big however . . . if a coolant system shortfall does indeed exist, I’d speculate rpm for rpm the flyboard keeps the engine under significantly more load/torque, thus possibly overwhelming the oem coolant system design. We have to remember, skis weren’t designed for flyboards - rather flyboards were design for skis. So along these lines, again, I’m just speculating sake of discussion . . . if there are real heat issues on some skis, it would make sense that future flyboard product also include coolant system augmentation kit as part of the conversion.