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    ultra 250 issues

    Hey Guys, i have posted this on pwc today as well,cause it is bugging the hell out of me,i picked up my ultra 250 last saturday,got it into the water on sunday evening for some run in time,i noticed a strange noice coming from the front of the engine while idling that stayed in it till about 3000 rpm,after that i couldnt hear,naturally with the noise of the engine,i dont know if this is normal or not i only have 1 and a half hours up so far(its still freezing in ireland)also the ski dosent seem to like taking off slowly,its fine if you slam the throttle(up to 5000rpm under run in conditions of course)it takes off like a lunatic,but nothing seems to happen below 3000 rpm,and finally,when i was flushing it out on the trailer after the run,there was aclanging noise coming from around the grate area,it wasnt blocked i checked,i am coming from a gpr1300 so this is my first four stroke,is this normal guys,or am i going mad,any help is much appreciated,

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    Everything you described sounds completely normal, surf around in the 250 forum, you will get a lot of info.

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    Ultra Bow Latch Trouble

    I lubed the trailer and Ski last night to get ready for today's saltwater assault. I ran out of the CRC 6-56 and all I had left was an unused can Of CRC Heavy Silicone spray. I spritzed the inside of the bow latch on the hood. It was working fine but I thought a little lube couldn't hurt. Almost instantly I heard a kerplunk. The whole assembly inside just fell apart. I pulled out the whole black plastic latch and a metal plate. The bolts or whatever else in there must have dropped down out of site. The hood then fell down and I was locked out of the bow storage. No time to figure out how to disassemle and fix so I fashioned a slim jim from a coat hanger and figured how to reach in there and pull the interior metal catch. Had to ride all day with a coat hanger so I could access fuel fill and my other stuff. Do you think that silicone works too well for use on a PWC or was it just coincidence? I always thought that bow latch was kind of hokey but maybe there are only so many ways to build a mousetrap. Another reason I thought it must be the silicone is cuz I also zapped my throttle lever which had been sticky. Fixed that problem too well too cuz the whole throttle assembly now roatates freely on the handlebars. The side benefit though was I realized that changing the position of the throttle lever from where it was greatly reduced hand fatigue. Not sure how to tighten it back up into the new position though.

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    Welcome Larry!!!

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