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    Clamp came loose on Carbon seal/driveshaft boot ---Updated, Bad news

    Dissappointing day yesterday.

    I noticed the ski cavitating badly after riding all day. Checked the intake grate area-nothing . Got back to the dock, went upstairs and started thinking....hmmmm.

    Went back down to the dock and the ski was sitting real low in the water.--not good.

    Pulled the seat off---half full of water.

    The clamp came loose from the front of the boot that covers the driveshaft/carbon seal area. I think that it's been slightly loose since new-only 5hrs on the ski.

    I noticed a little water in the hull last time I rode the ski--but nothing crazy. Big difference this weekend though---the ski sat in the water when I wasn't riding it----I was at a friends house, away from my lift.

    Pulled the plugs and cranked it over (after draining of course)----no water . Checked the oil--looks fine.

    I'm going to change the oil/filter tonight just to be safe.
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    Dropped it off at the dealer on Monday. Turns out it is the Carbon seal itself that is bad.

    Is this something that I need to really watch for after it is replaced? Could my motor be out of alignment or something? The ski only has 5hrs.

    I am dying to get this thing back out on the water--It was turning 8200 on Sunday with the 14/19r (Before the cavitation issue).

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