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    Fuel injection clamps

    Every clamp on my recently purchased Genesis i has been replaced with cheap worm screw clamps. Obviously I need to replace them with something better. Anybody have a problem with this type?

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    Oiteker clamps areoem I believe. Seamless clamps. Even home depot sells them. They are one one time use and dont leak.

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    Oiteker clamps seem to be preferred among the experts here. I'd like them better if they weren't impossible to remove depending on where they are installed

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilman573 View Post

    Oetiker clamps are some I believe. Seamless clamps. Even home depot sells them. They are one time use and don't leak.
    Be careful about using the ear clamps sold for use with PEX flexible plastic plumbing. Those clamps are intended for the specific size of that PEX tubing.

    I prefer the genuine Oetiker brand clamps, in the stepless (aka gapless) style that provides a full circular even clamping all around the hose, no clamping gap right under where the 'ear' is compressed.

    McMaster-Carr sells the Oetiker clamps without mentioning the actual brand name.

    To remove the clamps I use a thin pair of diagonal cutting pliers (the type often used for electronics work). I position the jaws to lift the end of the overlapping band end. As soon as it pops up a mm or two the clamp releases tension. Then just unwrap it from the hose.

    An alternate approach is to use a heavy pair of sharp diagonal cutting pliers and cut right through the ear. I cut across the width of one side of the ear, rather than try to cut the entire ear off (which would be a double layer of metal to cut through. Do not twist and yank on the clamp while cutting it off, so you don't damage the plastic nipple inside the hose.

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    Oetiker clamps are great. Other than being single-use only clamps... the other annoying thing I found with them is getting the right size. There are a hundreds of different sizes with small differences between them. Getting the right size is important so a) it will fit and b) you get proper clamping force when applied. I've had to buy multiple different sizes to find the right one... cause I didn't want to shell out for a large variety box.

    I have found the red fuel line used on my MSX 150... which I think is the same red fuel line used on the direct injection models... uses a size '14.0' Oetiker clamp. ('13.3' wont fit over the hose when it's on the barbs)


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