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    Wax it And Protect it

    Well Im the owner of a 98 Challenger 1800. And it my first boat. Got it at the end of the season last year. Me and a buddy waxed it this weekend. And it came out beautiful. Its amazing what a little rubbing and buffing can do.I bought a Ryobi Polisher in Home depot and it worked pretty damm good.Also the Starbrite Boat paste wax left an ausome shine.Oh for the interior. Witch had a little mildew stains. Starbrite Stain and Mildew Remover works ausome. Use Formula 303. Not ****ty Armor All. Its not greasy and leaves the seats nice and soft.

    All I can say the boat looks great for the season.
    Now its time for 1600 watts of pounding stereo to be installed.

    To all you guys that have boats. Have a safe and great season

    See you on the water
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    3m makes a scotchguard marine wax thats suppossed to be kickass...303 is awesome(pricey though!)....was waxing the boat yesterday(all day)....unbelievable how much more work they are than the ski's ....I could spend days cleaning that thing...

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