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    Arrow Tell me about the Superjet standup!!

    So I'm thinking about purchasing a superjet. For those that have ridden them or have any experience, what is your impression?

    How fun can they be and for how long?

    Does anybody know if Yamaha has plans to release a new one at the end of this year?

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    How long can they last?? Haha, no offense but they'll keep your interest more than anything else on the water! I pretty much gave up on sit downs once I learned to stand. No disrespect intended, but I get way more of an adrenaline rush riding a stand up than I did modifying my GPR (that I sold) for speed. I now just keep the XLT around for AWA rides and towing.

    I wouldn't recommend buying new. There will be a lot of mods that you'll want to do to it and in the end you'll have a $10,000 ski if you buy everything new.

    Yamaha won't ever come out with a new stand up. Why? Because 2 stroke technology is outdated, a 4 stroke SJ would defeat the purpose for freestyle, and the amount of stand ups they sell vs the cost of the R&D to produce a new model would far outweigh the profits they'd make.

    I highly suggest doing a search on for more info or post questions over on The X is mostly an all standup site with all the stand up gurus you could ask for. Pwctoday has a ton of knowledge in older posts for the same old questions asked time over time.

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