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    Thumbs down 1st Day out this season and engine fails :(


    Been really eager to get out for the 1st time this season on my 2005 RXT.

    Finally got it into the water today, and the engine stalled after about 3 mins on the water

    I could hear the engine begin to falter just before, but nothing obvious. Then each time I re-started the engine.. it would run for about 30 secs or so, then stop again

    Only has about 40hours on it, and is still in "perfect" condition (apart from the fact it now doesn't work!). It has been kept all snuggly in a nice warm garage all winter, and has been been occasionally started to keep things moving. Was left with a small amount of fuel in the tank, along with fuel stabiliser. Before I went out today I put about half a tank of new fuel in.

    It's still under warranty, so will be back in the dealer tomorrow morning....

    But in the meantime, any ideas or help would be appreciated!

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    sorry to hear man.. I had a friend in a similar situation. We went off and mine worked great.. i drove around came back and he was still on his ski..

    came to shore to find out his wasnt running good... tough luck.. you'll be back though.

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    The first thing I would do is change the plugs.

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    Prob just some bad fuel even tho u did the precautions ... drain the tank completly use fresh 93

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    Quote Originally Posted by seadoo951 View Post
    The first thing I would do is change the plugs.
    IT could be this simple hopefully..

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    well, yesterday me and a buddy were going to go out on his jet ski. We had everything ready to go, filled it with fresh gas, had our jackets, and we didnt forget a thing. Get it into the water, im there holding it, and he runs down with the key jumps on and trys to start it up for the first time(since he has owned it.) Starts right up, then 5 sec later it dies. Trys and trys for like 10 minutes. So we say **** it and load it back up and went to my parents house to get free food We go back outside to see if we can find out what was messing up, and i think to my self. Dont these have a fuel cut off switch. We look at the side of the jet ski and it was turned off. Wow, was he pissed when i told him to look at that. what a day.

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    As the saying goes TURN THE GAS ON DUMMY LOL

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Dropped it off at the dealer this morning.... so will wait and see what he comes up with. Will let you know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Len View Post
    As the saying goes TURN THE GAS ON DUMMY LOL
    Yeah, and this is coming from "Mr potatoe Head" himself, okay! ...PR...

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    Is that the needles in the background? was nice there sunday!!

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