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    2002 RXDI problems

    My 2002 RXDI has been flashing the red warning light and entering maintnence mode, which is making it not accelerate over a certain speed. Also, when in maintnence mode the message "12V LOW" flashes. Does anyone know what the problem is? The battery has been charged and the fuel filter, spark plugs, and oil have been replaced.

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    That is a battery fault code I believe. This might mean that the battery is not holding sufficient charge even if you are charging it. How old is the battery? You might need a new one.

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    sounds like a dead cell on your battery. Get a new one. Also check the connections at the battery. Make sure they are not corroded up. Take a wire brush and clean them if so.

    Is it a sealed battery or open? Make sure you have water in all your cells of the battery. If you have a dry cell it can cause the same thing. May be easier to just get a new one.

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    It could be. I bought the battery and then had to put the acid in it myself, so a cell could be low. I'll check the levels...Thanks

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    First thing you have to do is make sure the ski is charging. Run the ski and put a volt meter on the battery and run the ski up to 5000 rpms and you should be at about 13.5 to 14 volts. Ive had alot of di's need regulator rectifiers. Also if its a salt water ski any corroded connections can cause massive promblems if it has been wateringested with salt water. A seadoo dealer can plug in and zero in on the exact fault code.

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    Mine had the same problem and said the same stuff it was a capasitor or resistor or somthing i dont remember but take it to your dealer and have them hook it up to the computer whichever error code comes up the most is the one they should fix they fixed mine and it now has 205 hours on it with no rebuilds and stock and it runs like new

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