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    RXP's Doing 84 mph, Nitro will we be able to compaire?

    Saw a thread, an RXP doing 84 thats smoking fast, if they had some spray they may hit 90 can we ever acheive 80? I herd 76 mph for honda any one have #'s

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    Hate to bust your bubble bud, JD1 has allready ran 91.9 on an RXP months ago cant wait to see what he does at Mud Bug next month.

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    And 0-60mph in just over 2 seconds!!!

    OOOOOOOOO DA BABY!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't wait to see the numbers these turbo RXPiggies put up.

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    damm, thats fast, i'd run it wide open I didn't see 91.9 in that video, he was flying though
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    It all comes down to an innovator or two to get the ball rolling, from there others will join in the pursuit and speed can be found.
    The one problem with that is everyone tends to run to the camp where the speed is being made.
    I always wondered what it would have been like had a bunch of guys put the Hondas in the 70+ range in the early stages of it's introduction.

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    I don't know why or what it is other than maybe poor results but... I on most forums havn't seen anyone post anything of any signifigance, its always something like I put a $2000 custom pump on there, now its fantastic in the rough, no one ever sais a number or really even specifically talks about acceleration improvements. I have experience with SeaDoo's and Kawasakis since about 92' and with yamaha's relatively recently. At least with the 800xp's,HX's and sxr's numbers are common place, I can say personally my sxr does around 55 with only a dry pipe and ignition advace, hehe. I don't really get what's going on with the honda's and I'm not the only one....Also from aftermarket performance on cars, markets need to be created, we all need to get the ball rolling, maybe start nagging MAC for more quality hop ups, i know in car's turbo vehicles are very flexible powerwise, and as conservative as honda always is, these engines are no where near there potential. I'll be doing my part, and maybe some experimentation on my own.

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    I personally think when Nitro is done with his ultimate 1300cc big Turbo setup. It will be capable of those number. However I think his only limitation will be Hull and Pump effeciency. Also he could snap the drive shaft.

    If stock 1300cc Suzuki Hyabusas with turbochargers are pumping out 300hp without internal engine mods. Nitro's well engineered 1300cc watercraft can easily pump that much power or more.

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    Rxp Rxt Rpm

    I purchased a 2006 RXP last fall, after 10 hours 7900 RPM was MAX, (1300 feet). I traded it in for a 07 RXT 7700 MAX RPM after 10 hours, each craft seemed to be 200 RPM under spec.

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    oil level?

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    The elevation will knock off RPMs too. Do yourself a favor and upgrade your air intake ATLEAST

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