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Thread: Wet Suits

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    Wet Suits


    I can't stand looking out and seeing our skis sitting there covered LOL

    Wet suits...... The water temp in lakes here gets around 48-58 in the winter. The air temp can be from 65 to 45,but usually above 50.

    I see notes on wet suit manufacturers' sites-- they recomend 5mm suits for water in that range. But- it seems that they are assuming diving.

    I've been looking at the Slippery john style w/ jacket (3/2mm). I don't plan to fall off *grin* just keep warm when riding.

    Comments on thickness ? Other aspects ?

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    Check out this site...

    I purchased a Henderson 5 Mil Hyperstretch Titanium (full suit) from there and some Slippery Pro Comp boots from Parker Yamaha. The Hendersons are damn nice. Pricey, but with the fit and comfort it will be well worth it. When the temps were in the mid 40's the day I rode, I unloaded my ski into the lake and walked in until the water was waste high. After riding 70mph ++ the majority of time, the only thing that got cold were my toes and fingers. The suit is awesome and will enable me to ride easily in the low 40's or high 30's.

    Also, if you go through scubatoys, join the forum, because once you do, there is a 10% discount applied to the order.

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    i have a slippery 2 piece john and jacket formula suit.... 2/3 mil.. definitely not warm enough for the weather you mentioned. at least not for me. if you want to be very comfortable and be able to ride for a couple hours in that weather, then go thicker or go on vertons and look at their drysuits. they have drysuits for like 250 bucks and you can layer clothes under them to stay warm.

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