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    Triple Pipe Collector broke....

    Has this ever happened to anyone? The PTO tubing in the collector broke right at the exit. Does anything that has to do with the GPR work??? Seems like offense guys but I never had this much trouble with the Kawasakis. The striped bolt holes, broken things, leaky stuff, bad Advents, no fuel pressure and such are wearing thin on me!!! If it wasnt this fast I would certainly not be in the Yamaha business!!!!

    Will Factory Pipe warranty this piece as well???

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    Yes they will. Just don't weld on it or you bought it.

    More than likely it was touching the hull, or one of the other pipes, AT SOME TIME, and got weakened.

    I've seen the pto pipe, itself twisted against the engine support for the pto pipe, and put so much pressure on that "up" pipe, that it bends it over. All it takes is a little vibration from this area, and it will fail.

    Pistonwash had a failure similar to this.

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    Factory Pipe

    How long to expect the delay?? Do I have to send the part out to them and let them inspect it??? Is this a month long deal or what???

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    Dunno. Call them. They might do a swap-a-rooo and let you pay a deposit until they get yours. Just call and ask. They will give you a RMA to put with your part.

    Don't just send it.

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