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    P0523 fault code after a complete rebuild

    A friend of mine just swapped engine on his rxpx
    this is a new complete rebuilt engine.

    ski started fine
    second start on trailer dash showed P0523 error code
    Oil is new at the correct level
    any idea ?

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    Clear with Candoo or by removing battery cables and holding them together for 2-3 minutes to clear out capacitor. Re-check. I've also seen this code clear up by itself once you put it in the water and the pump has more load on it.

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    First obviously check to make sure the oil pressure sensor is plugged in, it's a single wire on the block underneath the throttle body. If that's plugged in and after running in the water for a few minutes it doesn't go away, you can get a oil pressure gauge at autozone and tap into an oil plug off the head to assure your getting oil pressure, if you are odds are the sensor is bad, if your not getting pressure then you got some other issues to have fun with

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    Haven't Looked up the code but im assuming it low Oil pressure, who rebuilt it? Did they mix and match pre 06 and after block and head?

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    I had the same issue, couldnt clear the code. Would also throw other random codes at times. This was fixed with a new battery. The old battery charged up fine, start the ski. The battery was approx 2 years old. Would recommend getting a new battery.

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    I've had this clear up too after running it for a short period of time after a rebuild.

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