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    Question about Venturi & Skat Mods

    Mostly applying to Jerry I suppose, but maybe others can help. After going thru the forum in my utter desire to avoid studying for finals, I reviewed the skat mods Jerry had done with a more precision eye. Here's what I noticed... on the venturi where they machined the venturi to accept different sized rings, it appears as tho the venturi is metal or aluminum?

    I'm not so sure mine is! I think it's plastic honestly. Here's why i think this... My venturi "paint" is actually burned and peeled on the right side from the stock exhaust! a blatant burn mark where the black finish crinkled and peeled right off the venturi. The material beneath the black finish looks like that dark greyish-green composite plastic stuff. Is that just more layers over the metal, or is my venturi plastic? bc it sure as hell don't look or feel like metal, but I could be wrong.

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    Shibbs, I have mine apart (GTX) right now and it is metal. I think our venturi nozzles are powdercoated, or some kind of paint process. In any coating process should be an underlayment that prolly is like a primer, if I understand you correctly. I do not have the burn mark near my exhaust outlet. I can`t see a plastic venturi holding up with the steering nozzle attached to it..rrriiippp...PR...

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    Yep, your venturi is powder coated aluminum.

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    see Jerry, I`m learnin`...PR...

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