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    First ride on my 83mph 2004 RXP

    This is my first ride since it will go over 80mph. First I want to thank Jerry for all his work in making this performance possible. His knowledge, skill, craftmenship, and quality of work really stand out on this package. Over the last couple of weeks he installed a Rude SC (this part alone is unbelieable), Riva Srage 3 ECU, 50lb injectors, Riva IC, Riva valve train upgrade, RE blockoffs, Riva thru hull exhaust, 3 blade 15/19, stainless wear ring, and a few other items.
    OK--for the results--air temp (today Sat April 29 at 3:00PM) 82 degrees, water 75 degrees, fuel 3/4 tank, venturi ring 80 1/2, VTS one click from the top. I can not believe the accellaration--no cavitation whatso ever--instant gone--it gets to 8550 in several short seconds. Jerry--might have to go to the 80mm venturi ring. I firmly believe that with only a couple bars of fuel and a 80 mm ring it will break 84 plus mph. The RE blocks off really improved the handling and of course have had the skeggs on for quite sometime. The acceleration at any RPM is just fantastic. The boost gauge was showing over 13psi at the upper RPM levels. I highly recommend to any one who is going to spend any money on your supercharger--Riva wheel--Rotax Racing wheel,etc--just forget it and go with the Rude SC. Wow--what a ride with this supercharger. Jerry--again many many thanks for your long hours working on and test riding this ski.. And by the way Niles--thank you for engineering a kick ass supercharger. May the 4-Tec force be with all of you.

    P.S. Ok--before someone pounds me --at launch the VTS is all the way down--then I scroll it up to one click below the top.
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    Ray this sounds Great...

    My Riva ECU is headed to Riva as we speak?
    Sounds like your ski is freaking fast. I would love to see if I
    could find a hour or two to come see you.



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    yea Ray....i knew you were gonna be pleased with your ski cause when i got off of it i had a grin from ear to ear. it would have been cool if you would have come today; and me, you and jerry could have gone ride a little bit. jerry wouldnt have had too much fun cause he would have been the slowest(haha) being on the new ski and all but it wont be long till he catchs up.

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    congratulations on your ski sundance

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    Congrats on your ski Ray! ...PR...

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    Ray Im jealous...


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    Good #'s man.

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    Awesome results Ray!

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    Smile first ride after the new mods

    Sounds like your ski is flying low, congrats i can't wait to test my moded RXT with the bad A$$ Rude charger, i have one in my garage already

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    dude, thats smokin !

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