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    Battery Life

    How long should or would the battery last before it goes completely out. If you didn't take it out during winterization and place it on a trickle charger. Is there anything on the RXP that would draw power when not on?

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    if you got one of those open acid type batteries, usually about 3 years max out of the battery, and even if it's working, replace it. You don't want to get stuck out there oneday. the longevity of the battery greatly relies on how it was initialized. i'd bet 9 out of every 10 batteries isn't just filled up with acid quick, juiced up and thrown in the ski...

    use your original battery for 2-3 years, then i'd recommend upgrading to a sealed-type good quality battery, and that will last you a long time.

    trickle chargers are also good for the battery over the winter months, or throw it on a charger every 3-4 weeks or so, that will help with longevity.

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