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Iíve installed and used countless amount of Emks and the issue that I have came across is either a frayed antenna wire or incorrect installation of antenna or water retention in wires or fuses
I also have used 3 different Zapata EMK systems over the past 6 years. The first two were the latest "cable pulley" system and the last one was the EMK V2 plug and play. By far the seadoo plug and play EMK is a huge advantage in many ways because you don't have to modify the ski to use and is more precise with power on and off etc.

That being said, there is a big issue at times with Zapata EMK losing signal and dropping you straight down. Interestingly, I am CONVINCED that part of this issue must be due to signal interference from local surroundings. I use my setups to travel to various lakes all over north america, there are certain lakes and certain locations where this occurs and at other locations this is not a problem. I believe that it is due to radio signals from coast guard stations or marinas that create this. At the lake the I live, this never occurs, however, there is another lake about 10 miles away where it happens once I get about 15 feet away from the machine.

However, I will keep returning to Zapata EMK for the plug and play ability. I would love to try the Flytronics, and would in a heartbeat if it was plug and play.