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    looking for some wisdom

    it.s the weekend and i'm going to get my ski(blue 250x) and the wisdom i seek is.... should i go riding with the slo key (leaving the fast key at home) , so im not tempted to open it up too soon. will it give me proublums in the future ......i want to be safe for the break in .....i intend on having this boat for a long time. i know that 6 to 8 hours is going to go by slooooo. but do you think it's better to be safe then sorry..thanks all for the feedback.. ..petros

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    The big RED key

    Sounds like you know yourself very well.....The RED key is a big temptation. Leave it home, that is what I am intending to do.

    There will not be any problems later because you started using the yellow key first. Follow the break in directions and all will be right in the world

    But you do have an obligation to review your first rides and share them with the rest of us.


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    Make sure to check all of your hoses (some skis have been leaving with loose clamps and have been popping off) and look closely at your oil level (there have been many posts of skis coming overfilled).

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