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    Removing spun ride plate bolt (pictures)

    How do you guys get the bolts out of the ride plate if the fitting in the hull spins?

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    vice grip on the top side to hold it

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    Oh ok I didn't even know you could get to the top side. I'll go try. Thanks WFO.

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    Well I found the one that's spinning from the top side. It's just spinning in the vise grip. Just gotta work at it though, I'll get it eventually. Thanks again.

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    Vice grips will get it out u may need someone to help you
    i just did one get replacements from store above oem parts get updated part for 2008 model it has the 2 together on a plate use a heat gun to loosen the old glob up and a putty knife or screwdriver heat it good itll come up then get 3m adhesive 5200 fast cure and glue in place bolt up ride plate tourque and let dry for 48hrs

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    Alright great thanks for the info.

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    Well I finally got it after at least 2 hours. I ended up having to drill the head off the bolt to get it to push out. Vise grips just wouldn't grip hard enough. The brass was too soft and it kept just shaving down the brass. So where can I buy the 3m 5200? Also I'm just going to buy one more insert because the other one is still fine.

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    just see if there is anyone near you with an old hull that you can get 1 from. if the hexagon hole for the insert is still intact and not shattered around the edges, the 5200 will work fine. if the hexagon hole or "boss" is torn up you will need to use either a blob of marine tex or a blob of bondo-glass to keep it from spinning again. the 5200 won't keep it from spinning when you wrench on it.

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    Ok thank you. How about jb weld to keep it from spinning? The hex is destroyed.

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    absolutely no!!! there's a update bracket to fix that problem, pm wfo he probably got some.

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