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    Hi, I got some issue with my waverunner maybe somebody can help me with this the problem, is when accelerate and I get full rpm and it doesn't get speed at all

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    So this is a propulsion issue correct? RPM is good but you don't go anywhere? Does it move at all? We need more information. Year, model, speed, rpm, etc.
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    Like Prism mentioned, we need more specific details about your ski and situation. There is a good chance your experiencing cavitation. Could be as simple a pump seal kit.

    It can be diagnosed much better with the additional info.

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    Hey guys thanks for answer I really need some help becouse I am new to this I just both this machine few months ago and I rebuild the top end my self, and then I took it to the lake for break in, it start runing good for 15 mnts I let sit for 10 mnts them when I try for second time it just don't have power to go, I press the gas and the acceleration go up but the machine just move like 5 mph compression is 120 on each cylinder so the motor to me is fine the machine is yamaha waverunner xl800 2001

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    One more thing is when I I start the machine on the trailer and I conect to the water hose it sopouse to come out water from one of the cooling hose by the front,but it doesn't, then I remove the hose what is on top of the cylinder cap and I see some smoke coming out and when I remove the spark plugs from one of the hole I see some smoke coming out too I don't know if this is ok becouse maybe I add too much oil on the gas becouse I went to premix when I was doing rebuild

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    I start removing the the jet pump them I took out all the cable and the 4 screws it allow me remove the reverse together with the nouse but when I try to pry the impeler and housing it just doesn't want to came out I even force it but I couldn't any idea?

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    If the engine seems to be running good but you don't go more than 5mph, then there is something wrong with the jet pump or driveshaft/coupler. The first thing to do is look up into the jet pump intake (intake grate area) to look for clogging with weeds or stones. There should be no obstructions to waterflow. While your looking, shine a flashlight up the intake tunnel and look at the clearence between the impeller (prop) and the housing. When you shine the light from the front and look through the back and vice versa, it makes it easier to see the light shining around the edge you're looking at. Any more than a dimes thickness is way too much. Next to check is the rubber coupler between the back of the engine and the driveshaft. If you see rubber thrown about the area, you can bet that the rubber coupler blew apart. Start with that and report back.

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    Yeap there's no obstruction to the waterflow and the gap between impeler and housing is less than a dime and the rubber coupler is in good condition, I try to remove the impeler and housing but it doesn't wanna get out no idea why becouse I remove all cables an 4 screws

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    the rear impeller housing/assembly can be a real biatch to remove. When I took mine of, I actually had to remove the whole pump assembly, and actually grind the edges of the impeller housing to get it separated. Good thing I was going to replace the impeller housing anyway, so I didn't really mind destroying it.

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    Mine I forced really bad and I still couldn't removed and I just leaved the way it is because it looks to be fine

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