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    How much does the boat really weigh?

    Im looking at a 07 Utopia SE. The spec sheet says the dry weight is 2590pounds and the gross weight is 3690pounds. Does gross weight include a full fuel tank and passengers?
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    Gross weight is the max. weight of the boat inluding fuel, passangers, gear and equipment, and the weight of boat and engine.

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    Weight Definitions

    The net weight is the empty boat (no gear, gas or people). The displacement is the maximum wieight of boat+gas+gear+passengers. These are clearly defined terms by the USCG.

    The gross wieght is what you to behind you auto and is basically the wieght of the boat+gas+trailer and a small allowance for gear. It does not include passengers. Its not a well defined term, but will give you an idea of what you are hauling on the highway.

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    Thanks for the info. My van has a limit of 3500pounds for towing so I guess Im pushing the limit. Is there any way to find who makes the trailers for Sea Doo boats so I can look up what the weight of the trailer is?

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    Karavan makes them as of 2006

    I would consider stopping by some commercial scales and getting an accurate wieght of the boat and trailer loaded, plus the weight of your vehicle. Then compare those not just to the max tow weight, but to the max combined gross vehicle wieght including auto passengers.

    The wieght issue is what pushed me into getting a C180 (which is a good boat) instead of a U205 (which I think is a better boat) as I have a mini-van loaded down with the family. Consider how many people you haul, how far you plan to tow and how hilly is the terrain you are towing on.

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