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Thread: 94 SP Opinions

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    94 SP Opinions

    I found a 94 or 95 SeaDoo SP not running for $300. What do you guys think about that price?

    The owner says he thinks the problem is electrical. The engine is not locked up, I could spin it with my hand from the PTO, the battery was dead so I didn't even try to start it.

    I am not sure if its a 94 or a 95, I didn't get that close of a look at it.
    I thought this might make a great addition to my 06 GTX, just to play around on if I can get it running.

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    Welcome to the board.

    Was the ski in salt water?

    I bought a ski w/an "electrical problem" that turned out to be a rock in the impeller. The ski turned over but not enough to start.

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    No, its a freshwater ski. From what he said its never seen the ocean. Its around the Dallas Tx area, so thats beliveable.

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    my grandpa has a 94 SP that i rode a lot before i bought my RXP but it was a very fun ski... not fast but it was fun to play around on, light weight and jus an overall good time... i weigh about 155 lbs. and it would run around 45 mph with me on it but the hull is so shallow you can have fun doing tricks and stuff... very reliable ski overall, we had to clean up the starter but it starts up and runs perfect every time

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