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    Bore scope advice

    I am looking at getting one of these:

    Are these any good?

    I want to get one to check cylinders and look under my hull for my leak, and I am sure I will find more uses for it.

    Does anyone have one I could borrow for a few days?

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    That model has a 10.6mm shaft. I bought one of these not too long ago and wish I would have ordered the one with the 5.8mm shaft. The bigger shaft makes it impossible to look at the upper portion of the cylinder because you cant get it to bend in a tight bend. If all that you want to do is look at the top of the piston and the middle of the cylinder down it is fine. I am not real sure how much better the smaller shaft would be I'm just guessing that it would be. I would be more than happy to send you mine but I am having some problems with my ski and I look in the cylinders after every ride.

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