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    What I did was take a piece of 12ga smooth wire & hammer the end flat, then bend a 90 degree on the end & trim the end so the "hook" is only about an 1/8 long, this allows you to get further into the hole & grab the nosecone, once I had to make two of these get it out. You don't want to leave it in there, I believe it could wear away the plastic part that looks like a seal & then you have a leak. I did this twice after the first time I thought I had installed wrong, but after the second time I realized it was a crappy design & went to rubber nose I don't remember if its a 009 or 007 part. The second time it took me 1 1/2 hours to get it out. Good luck!
    Great idea to flatten out the wire! I will try that tonight. Wish me luck. What a complete PITA! I don't understand why Solas still has this available since they are obviously a horrible design. Hopefully I can get it out tonight. I spent over an hour trying last night and I haven't been that frustrated in a long time.

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    I finally got it out! That was a real PITA! If I could smack a Solas employee across the face for this I would. I didn't get it out without an issue though. I ended up pulling out and ruining the spring that goes around the seal that seals the driveshaft to the bearing housing. Luckily I had just replaced the bearing housing so I had an extra spring to replace it. Luckily I was able to push it into place using a coat hanger. Hopefully I didn't damage the seal but it doesn't appear that I did from what I could see.

    I can't believe Solas is still offering these. They really should be removed from their catalog. Oh well, another lesson learned the hard way. Hopefully this thread saves someone from the torture I just went through.

    Edit: that last picture is just to show the spring seal that I am talking about. That isn't the one I ruined. The pic is of what a good one looks like. The one I ruined looks a piece of twisted spaghetti!

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    If you want a good laugh read this. After I spent hours pulling this stupid aluminum nose cone out of the hull and off the drive shaft the next time I took the ski out I blew another piston. So after I spent hours pulling this ridiculous nose cone off of the drive shaft I had to pull the motor again. Which means I could have just slid this stupid nose cone off when I pulled the driveshaft after the motor was out. LOL. I am not sure I deserved all this pain and suffering but it is sorta funny from the right point of view. From my point of view I still want to smack the first Solas employee I meet in person!

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    Kudos to you! Looks like this is a real PITA. You must have some mad "cost hanger bending" skills! Lol!

    Is that spring critical to the seal? Did your repair work?

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