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Thread: 6400 RPM's

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    6400 RPM's

    OK I need a little help here. This is the second time I've taken the girl out his year. It is a 06 RXP (bought 6/21/06) with a Riva stage 1, SS wear ring and 65 Hours. My wife got a new kneeboard in, so wetsuits on and away we went. She boarded for 15 min while I drove (No problems) then I rode my wakeboard for 30 min while she drove. We decided to put up the boards and run down the river and no power. 6400 RPM's and no SC wine! I was only 200ft off land so I turned around and loaded it up. The mtr sounds fine just no power. If it is the washers in the SC is that something covered by the 1 year warrants or do I need to send it to Jerry?

    Thanks in advance for all the help.

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    Unfortunately it sounds like you dropped a ceramic washer off the shaft.
    It will be covered under warranty, but lets hope your dealer does it right. The engine has to come out and the oil pumps probably replaced. It's also best to split the case halves and clean out any ceramic debris that might be present.

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    bring it to your dealer cause its the sc but be sure they take off both the oil pumps and flush the engine properly......then when they give you the all clear send the sc to jerry for his metal speaking from experiance BE SURE THEY ARE THOROUGH!!! good luck......ross

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    I get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I see the 6400 post..At least its under warranty so thats good!

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    Thank you My local dealer in Mobile, AL Is Smith Racing or better known as SRS PowerSports. Does anyone how their service department is?

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    Thumbs down Ruhroh!!!

    Sorry man...
    6400 rpms= your clutches are gone...

    IF you have access to a good(and I mean GOOD)shop, get it in NOW!!! If not, plan a trip to Morgan City... (FRACK, that sounds like a damn broadway musical)...


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