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    Is it better to install a power valve saver or a power valve clip or both?

    I see there are clips and also a redesigned power valve link. Do you need both or is one better than the other?

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    they do the same thing, but the clips just snap on the top vs the enclosed arm style you have to slide the linkage out to install

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    The clips actually hold the link screw in also... so they hold the pin and the screw. The new links still have the screw that needs to be correctly locktited.

    Make sure you get the REAL waveeater clips. I got some knockoffs by mistake and do not like them... they are installed under the screw, not snapped over like the real ones.

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    I have clips. Personally I like them over the links as stated because they told everything in place , and I never have any luck with lock tite

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    If you use the link or the clip that doesn't hold the sure and use RED Loctite.

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